We offer award winning audit, tax and specialist advisory services to privately-held businesses, public interest entities and individuals.

servicesAudit and Assurance

We provide a wide range of Audit and Assurance services to private, public and international companies across various sectors.

Risk Assessment

Our business risk services can provide the advice necessary to help you comprehensively manage risk and improve your business performance.

Corporate Finance

We work alongside alternative, emerging, and established markets, their creditors and company directors. Our knowledge of the strategic options available to you as a business owner or shareholder are derived from the most current and up to date analytics. Advising and project managing, we provide a fully integrated and all encompassing corporate finance offering.

Commodities Trading

We have the ability to execute your orders at the registered platform or secondary market of your choice, whether you are a S&P mini day trader, a gold hedger, a Forex trader, a first time position trader, or anything in between we can expedite your trade in real time and in any timezone.

Equities Trading

In the rapidly moving equities markets Phillips Equity Advisors has always made service its number one priority, from market insight to risk management we execute with real time fundamental analysis to exploit quick ratio, receivables, and profit margins. Whether you are trading equities for the first time, or are a professional seeking low cost execution, Phillips Equity is a firm you can trust and count on to handle your business.

Recovery and Reorganisation

We supply a wide range of services to underperforming businesses and their stakeholders. We focus on identifying and resolving issues affecting profitability, protecting enterprise value and, where necessary, recovering value for stakeholders. We also identify poorly performing platformed markets and offer a wide range of futures asset transactions.

Financial Services Advisory

Financial services businesses operate in an increasingly complex and heavily regulated environment. Philips Equity Advisors is a multi-disciplinary financial services firm that uses its real time analytics of the trading sector to provide robust, independent and professional advice for portfolio management for day trades, swing trades, and long term positions. We meet the needs of ambitious businesses by providing strategic, operational and integrated solutions for improved performance, enhanced shareholder value and business growth and turnaround.

Public Sector

Facing public sector cutbacks and lockouts on a scale not seen by any post-war government, there are significant shifts within the sector: In this shifting regulatory environment, we deliver effective financial advice based on our understanding of the changing face of government and regulatory oversight.


Our tax advisory team guide you and your business on your overall tax exposure while implementing our expertise with both the North American markets and international tax systems to provide you transmission mechanisms with the most preferable corporate or individual tax status.


Our team of Sustainability experts can help in a range of ways including sustainability assesment, integrated reporting, and carbon accounting. We believe better business practices go hand in hand with with a healthy environment and that environmental stewardship is the foundation for a sustainable and robust economy.